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Carlos Esquivel

Technology Strategy, Software Development

Works remotely from Madrid

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  • Suggested rate €900 / day
  • Experience 7+ years
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Madrid, Spain
Remote only
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Skills (7)



Technology Advisor

Madrid, Spain

February 2022 - Today (7 months)

Technology Lead February 2022 - Present (8 months) Katoo 2 years 3 months Technology Advisor December 2020 - November 2021 (1 year) Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain Chief Technology Officer January 2020 - December 2020 (1 year) Madrid Area, Spain

DCSL GuideSmiths

Chief Architect

Madrid, Spain

December 2020 - January 2022 (1 year and 1 month)

September 2019 - January 2020 (5 months) Madrid Area, Spain I was hired as the first internal IT guy to take over the Technology side from Rocket Internet that had built the initial MVP for the Katoo App. My main goal was to guarantee that the app could scale to the business objectives and function adequately including all the new functionality that was needed. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Identify and fix several issues creating recurrent outages in the MVP
•Consolidate and reduce IT spending for the new platform by 60%
•Build the technological strategy for the company MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Source, hire and build the internal IT team (Mobile, Back-end and Product)
•Collaborate with the Founders and HR to define career paths and benefits for the employees RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Lead the technology department
•Decide and support technology choices company wide
•Negotiate with suppliers for tools and solutions
•Design architecture and infrastructure for all products

.NET - K-net

Center of Excellence Manager

Madrid, Spain

July 2017 - August 2018 (1 year and 1 month)

I was assigned the task of create and lead the .Net CoE as way to standardize the development process (over 90% of SGS's applications are based on Microsoft technologies) and also to modernize and professionalize the software practices as most of the stack was obsolete and didn't have proper software development methodologies applied. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Implemented Azure DevOps (VSTS) globally with 75% of the corporate projects migrated and 3 main regions using it
•Updated the technology stack to .Net 4.6.2+ and under Microsoft support roadmap
•Led 3 major projects (around 15 developers total) successfully including one major application rewrite
•Started implementing DevOps practices globally MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Changed SGS recruiting process for developers improving the fit for position/ candidate significantly with only 1 person leaving in 2 years from a team of 50+
•Successfully centralized Architecture decisions from disparate development teams in Ireland, UK, Canada, USA, Manila and Madrid RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Define global architecture for .Net projects
•Define DevOps governance for .Net applications
•Lead the software development teams in Madrid and Manila
•Support the application development process for technical troubleshooting



Madrid, Spain

October 2016 - June 2017 (8 months)

I was assigned to two accounts during my stay at Amaris. One a Cloud services company in the UK and the other was SGS, that later asked Amaris to cede me to them. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Was made responsible of code quality reviews for all the team (comprising 3 different consulting companies) when assigned to the UK company
•Opted by SGS and hired from Amaris to fill a key internal role after being assigned to them for 6 months MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Managed one team composed of 3 different consulting companies for the end-client
•Performed Architect duties for another client, leading one team of 4 developers RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Design and implementation of new functionality according to the client roadmap
•Unit and Integration testing of new functionality
•Code-review and coaching of other developers
•Interaction with the Front-End team
•Design the architecture for new projects


Chief Technology Officer

May 2015 - September 2016 (1 year and 4 months)

Spain Unono is a startup focused on developing products for helping university students. Right now, is working on solving the problem of junior recruiting by applying technology and an innovative approach to the problem of finding good enough first-job or internships for university students in Spain and Portugal. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Implemented a DevOps process and Agile practices for software development
•Consolidated a development team on the verge of resigning
•Shifted company-wide management over to a more data-based approach using analytics in their applications and A/B testing
•Consolidated email and server providers with a 90% savings in monthly costs (Azure and Office 365) MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Addressed problems of the current developer team, preventing them from leaving en masse
•Acted as People Manager for all the employees, including non-technical people (12 people total)
•Created an organizational structure, promoting key employees to lead positions RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Responsible of the technological roadmap of the company
•Design of new application architecture and development framework
•Migrated the main portal to Azure from a legacy framework in AWS
•Design of processes for new products
•Design of internal tools and small applications
•Development of core functionality for the application
•Design and development of back-end components

Everis - Everis Spain SL

Application Leader


August 2014 - March 2015 (7 months)

The Inter-American Development Bank was migrating an older system (OPUS) to a newer one built in .Net (Convergence). My participation in the project was to start the development of Phase 2 after the first phase of the project ran into lots of issues on production deployment. All client interactions were mediated by the Washington DC office that was acting as our internal client. The project was to be originally handled from Spain with Argentina acting as an off-shore factory with the Colombia office as support for the Phase 1 part of the application. The initial reviews from DC for the work done in Argentina changed the focus to Argentina with Spain remaining as a support office. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Created the .Net Development Team for Everis Centers in Argentina from scratch. When I left the team had over 9 people and was getting development work from other offices.
•Migrated the whole project (4 offices and over 20 developers) to VSTS and Git from TFS and instituted better source-control practices
•Designed the Phase 2 architecture for the project MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Raised two developers to Lead positions, coaching them to get over their shyness
•Added new recruitment tests to properly assess Junior candidates and got 4 of them on-boarded
•Managed the relationships between the offices in Colombia, Chile, Spain and USA smoothing the friction between the teams RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Technical design of the requirements
•Scope and functional negotiations with Business Analyst (DC office)
•Management of development team of 5 people (later grown to 9
•Inter-office coordination of architectural tasks (Spain - Argentina)
•Design and development of new back-office architecture
•Design and development of front-end JS and CSS framework
•Technical training and coaching for other teams (Colombia, Chile, Spain and USA)
•Development of core functionality for the application
•Design and development of front-end components

Calanor Labs



August 2011 - December 2014 (3 years and 4 months)

Opened my own consulting company to handle the increasing requests for freelance consulting. My core business was outsourcing services for bigger consulting companies with a shortage of people. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Peak of 5 employees and 8 concurrent projects
•Developed mission-critical applications for Banco de Crédito del Perú and several private retirement and insurance companies. These applications are used nation-wide until today MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Run the whole company, from accounting to hiring and sales while developing the complex projects RESPONSIBILITIES:
•In charge of negotiating new projects and getting new clients
•Responsible of people resource management and day to day operations
•Technical trainings and presentations for clients
•Internal trainings for employees

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Senior Application Developer

January 2014 - August 2014 (7 months)

Argentina The US Steel account was handled by Hewlett-Packard El Paso office in Texas and I was assigned to a remote team for the entirety of the project. The project was to create applications for the existing processes that were handled, in the majority, using Excel. I was assigned to the Granite City plant with a short assignment (by request of the client) to the Gary Works plant. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•The client was so satisfied with the first delivery that changed the planning to have additional applications developed from Argentina
•Requested specifically by the client (from a team of 20) to work on the .Net applications for Granite City and Gary Works
•The UI styles and application framework I developed were picked up by US Steel for use by their internal IT department RESPONSIBILITIES:
•Direct contact with the client for functionality, change requests, scope negotiations and training
•Technical design and full documentation of the requirements
•Production support for these three mission-critical applications
•Created, designed and development an application framework that halved development time of new applications (selected for HP Garage)
•Delivered all assignments consistently under time and budget

Seriva - Banco de Crédito del

Software Architect


July 2009 - August 2011 (2 years and 1 month)

6 years 3 months Software Architect July 2009 - August 2011 (2 years 2 months) Perú I performed the role of Architect as a consultant, selling new applications to the client, giving training to the development teams and performing optimizations (code and database) on the production application. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
•Sold new modules to the Bank covering an additional year of work for the team
•Designed and developed the Revenue Tax module for Mutual Funds and Bonds.
•Optimized a mission-critical process down from several hours to a few seconds MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS
•Mediated internal transfers between teams to reduce rotation
•Convinced senior-management to move the project from the client's offices to independent ones to improve conditions for the team
•Pushed to get internal QA teams formed RESPONSIBILITIES:
•New product negotiation with the clients (Perú and Ecuador)
•Technical training for the development teams
•Code-reviews and internal procedure documentation
•Implementation of SCRUM methodologies
•Technical lead for all Peruvian teams and some Ecuadorian ones (over twenty people total)