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Daniel Arribas De Heredia


Can work in or around Madrid, Madrid

  • 40.4167
  • -3.70358
  • Suggested rate €580 / day
  • Experience 7+ years
  • Response rate 66%
  • Response time 24 hours
Propose a project The project will begin once you accept Daniel's quote.
Propose a project The project will begin once you accept Daniel's quote.

Location and workplace preferences

Madrid, España
Can work onsite in your office in
  • around Madrid and 50km
  • Around Madrid and 50km


Project length
Would prefer:
≥ 6 months
Would prefer to avoid:
  • ≤ 1 week
  • ≤ 1 month
  • Between 1-3 months
Business sector
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Research
  • Film & AV
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Daniel in a few words

Gran experiencia en arquitectura de sistemas y consultoría. Dirección de proyectos complejos
Infraestructura de Sistemas, Comunicaciones y nuevas tecnologías. IPTV, Video, Middleware, TV
conectada. Sistemas Interactivos basados en dispositivos de usuario (TV, Tablet, Smartphone).
Experto en programas I+D+i europeos y Nacionales. Continua Actualización Tecnología integración
SOA, API Rest, SOAP, API Management.

Experiencia técnica especifica
• Java, Python: Más de 7 años, estos ultimos años de forma continua como desarrollador full stack.
• Desarrollo de plaforma AML (anti blanqueo de capitales) para imprtante entidaf finamciera
• Experiencia REAL en IA, Machine learnin análisis de Video , (librerias openCV, pandas, numpy, Spacy, Scykit learn, Scikit image, entre otras
• Desarrollo de API Restcon Python y flask, uso de swagger para diseño de las API
• experiencia en entorno de integración continua para Python, creación de contenedores con Docker,kubernetes.
• Creación de Servicios Cloud en AWS, Azure y Google.
• Desarrollo de aplicaciones de IA usando Google Cloud Vision, Google cloud ML



senior Backend developer

June 2020 - Today (2 years2 years and 1 month)

JAD CryptoCurrency4Spain

CoFounder  - As a freelancer


January 2016 - Today (6 years6 years and 6 months)

CryptoCurrency Jedi: - Development Consultancy on Technology of BlockChain - Training for using CryptoCurrencies - CryptoCurrency investment advice - CryptoMining large facilities design - Advising for ICO creation

IBM - IBM Group

Sr Data Science  - As a freelancer

September 2019 - June 2020 (9 months)

collaboration with IBM for Spanish financial institution, sr Data scientist y AML area.


Full-stack Developer  - As a freelancer

Madrid y alrededores, España

August 2018 - September 2019 (1 year1 year and 1 month)

--- Hands-ON in all the indicated experiences, this project is Technical. ----- Customers are confidential --- Design and implementation of a platform for the Analysis of Document Images, recognition of Identity documents, passports, invoices, bank documents using Image Processing, Machine Learning and DeepLearning technologies. Natural Language Processing technologies (Spacy, NLTK, TensorFlow, Keras) for Medical Report analysis and sentiment analysis from chats. Development of algorithms for data processing data extraction using OCR and integration with the Java framework through Middleware and REST API, creation of services. HANDS ON in following technologies: Python, numpy, Scikit, FLASK, Tensorflow, . NLP spaCy and FuzzyWuzzy, Tesseract, Google Cloud Vision an Google ML libraries, ActiveMO, Stomp. Redis and Celey Java environment: Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Batch Testing and QA: Pytest, Junit Serverless and micro-services environments: Docker. API-REST Jenkins,

Gerencia de Informatica de la Seguridad Social

Project Manager

Orcasitas, Madrid, España

July 2017 - July 2018 (1 year1 year)

Sr IT Consultant for "Innovation and Quality Area" in Dirección de Seguridad, Innovación y Proyectos Contracter:UTE Fujitsu/GESEIN/Everys -Subcontracter DMS Services IT Report writing for GISS Management, IT Technologies analisys, IT product Benchmarching --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asistencia técnica a la Dirección de Seguridad, Innovación y Proyectos, como Consultor Sr. en Nuevas Tecnologías y Normalización de Arquitecturas , las tareas que se realizan son - Elaboración de Estudios de mercado. - Estudios de evaluación de sistemas de información y propuesta de mejora.a. - Diseño de soluciones y arquitecturas. - Validación y pruebas de concepto. evaluaciones, pilotos y pruebas de concepto necesarias para validar los diseños antes de su paso a producción. - Desarrollo de acciones de divulgación de la innovación. - Proyectos de innovación.

Grupo Oesía - Oesía

Project Manager

Madrid y alrededores, España

February 2017 - July 2017 (5 months)

Jefe de Proyecto Servicio Soporte Ejecución de Proyectos Oficina Técnica Ciudades Inteligentes Subdirección de Ciudades Inteligentes Dirección de Servicios Públicos Digitales, RED.ES

Grupo Oesía - Oesía

Project Management Specialist

Subdireccion General de Fomento a la Innovación empresarial - MINECO

September 2016 - December 2016 (3 months)

Binding Reasoned Reports for R&D Tax deduction Management and Evaluation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gestión y evaluación de Informes Motivados Vinculantes asociadosa las deducciones fiscales por I+D+i. - Evaluación y gestión de informes para la aceptación de calificación de I+D+i enbase a la normativa vigente. -Identificación, clasificación, análisis e interpretación de los datos asociados al proceso de solicitud y emisión de informes motivados vinculantes para la deducción fiscal por I+D+i y generación de una base de datos con información sobre los mismos. -Análisis de la base de datos y del sistema de emisión de Informes Motivados, con propuestas de mejora en la eficiencia, eficacia y agilidad del sistema y sus procesos.


Project Director  - As a freelancer

September 2006 - November 2015 (9 years9 years and 2 months)

As Innovation Programs Manager, my responsibility is to look for programs which matches with organization strategies, Consortium creation, European (CE) and National (Spanish: CDTI, MINETUR, MINECO, etc.) funding programs for R&D, To maintain relationship with organizations (national and European) for funding projects. To follow all execution process assuring the correct reporting and objectives. As IT manager my role is to assure System Architecture , Methodologies and technical issues in each project, to give support to the rest of company areas specially to Sales by elaborating proposals and Presales supporting. IPTV and DTV, Streaming, and Video Contents services This is a project short list managed by me from Safeview's side - FIBERMUA: FTTH OPEN NETWORK in Ermua (Spain), Project Manager Project Manger for FIBERMUA: Municipality FTTH open network, IPTV & Social-Health Services. - Project Manager in R&D in National and Europeans programs: - ULTRACONTENTS: plataforma de análisis de audiencias basada en sensores visuales - W3TV : FP7 - EXTREMEFACTORIES - FP7: - MOBILE.OLD - AAL - TCUIDA: AAL platform for dependent people based on DTT STB with return channel. - Technichal Manager for Abertis Subscriber Management System - PMO implementation in ASISA - Consultancy for enhanced QA processes in Software development in IBERIA - IT Manager focused in Technology Projects for Madrid Government.


Project Director

July 2001 - September 2006 (5 years5 years and 2 months)

Project Manager focused in Technology Projects in Telecommunications and Government Markets, working with international operators (Spain, Brazil, Chile, Morroco). - Project Office Responsible (CORREOS). - System & Technology Manager for FrontOffice Project in VIVO - • System & Technology Manager for MEDITEL IT Systems

Sema Group (Hoy ATOS)

Technology Manager

October 1998 - July 2001 (2 years2 years and 9 months)

Technichal Area Manager for Integrated Banking System (SIB) Department, responsible for technical support for every projects in SIB, responsible for DELTA Bank Architecture – (Team:3-5 Persons) , o Banco Etcheverria (1998-20001) DELTA Bank Implementation. o CCF (2000) DELTA Bank Implementation o DEXIA Sabadell (2000-2001) DELTA Bank Implementation. o Project for enhancing DELTA Bank Architecture (centralization and GUI) o Physical Architecture Design: AIX 4.3.3, UNIX SCO, Linux ,PERL Informix 4gl, Informix 9i with advanced replication, ORACLE 7, 8 and 9i , Sun One Application Server, Sun One Web Server, Java J2EE


Sr. Consultant

November 1989 - October 1998 (8 years8 years and 11 months)

Sr. IT Consultant specialist in Architecture, Technology, GUI, Expert Systems. o Telefónica Móviles (1998): Responsible in Technical support in VMS systems. OpenVMS, C++, Oracle Forms 3, 6i, ORACLE 7, Sun One Application Server , Sun One Web Server, Java J2EE o Canal + (1997-1998): Responsible in Technical support in VMS systems OpenVMS , C++, Oracle Forms 3, 6i, ORACLE 7, OPS o SCH Technical Support for implantation Financial systems (1995-1997) OpenVMS, C++ o Project Manager for very technical projects in Europe Comision R&D , ESPRIT, BRITE. o Responsible for internal and external IT training in advanced technologies (OO, GUIs, Knwoledge Based Systems, C++). Specialist in DIGITAL Architecture (VMS- Digital Unix) o Project Manager CajaMadrid: “Sistema de tratamiento de efectos , Camara de Compesación”. UNIX , C++ o Project Manager HUMAN (1993-1995) Human Resources, Management system. ESPRIT Project. KADS, ND Nexpert Object, ND Open Interface, UNIX ,C++ , Oracle o Project Manager for Banco Santander SEDA (1993) : Expert system for Auditing.  ND Nexpert Object, ND Open Interface, MS/DOS-Windows , DBASE o Technical Support for CajaMadrid Development in several critical systems  IBM MVS, ISPF, VSAM, GDG, JCL, COBOL,IMS/DB, IMS/DC, PL/I, DB2 o Technical Responsible for Spain Neuron Data Products 1990-1996 o ND Nexpert Object o ND Open Interface IT Consultant (Systems) Jul 1987, Nov 1989


Technical Consultant

July 1988 - November 1989 (1 year1 year and 4 months)

IT Consultant specialist Multimedia systems. Programming in C, X86 Assembler. Driver design, Author Language Design (DELPHOS 2000) for multimedia and e-learning systems. o Caja de Alava: Self-service multimedia system design and Implementation: Programming in C, X86 Assembler. Driver design, Author Language Design (DELPHOS 2000) for multimedia and e-learning systems. C Drivers Design for multimedia Devices (Videoplayer, Bank line printer, card reader, Money Dispatcher..) o Banco Vitalicio: Self-service multimedia system design and implementation. Programming in C, X86 Assembler. Driver design, Author Language Design (DELPHOS 2000) for multimedia and e-learning systems



September 1985 - July 1988 (2 years2 years and 10 months)

Analyst Programmer in Elections (1986-87). o Analyst- Programmer in COBOL, IMS/DB DC for Election Systems: IBM MVS,ISPF,VSAM,GDG,JCL,COBOL, o Programmer in COBOL, IMS/DB DC for Credit Card management in Banco Vizcaya (1985-86) IBM MVS, ISPF, IMS DB, IMS DC, JCL, COBOL