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Andres Desantes

IT Director - Head Of Product

Works remotely from Grand-Fougeray

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  • Experience 7+ years
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Grand-Fougeray, France
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Andres in a few words

Hi! I’m a joyful highly adaptive multicultural polyglot and IT strategist with 10 years’ experience driving agile squads and delivering Digital products. I’m obsess in finding creative technology and innovative matches to business problems.

1. Since I was a kid, I used to walk around with a little notebook in my trousers back pocket. Thoughts, concepts and ideas crossed my mind like non-stopping rush hour traffic. My notebook was there to freeze those transient ideas in paper. Today, the notebook is digital but the brain keeps flowing unbridled.

2. I have a public romance with technology. I can’t avoid getting the hands dirty on anything with 0 and 1. I learned to code, built apps and websites and configured clouds. I can handle any digital tool and technology with natural proficiency, just after some minutes of use.

3. I suffer from a compulsive learning syndrome. I manage my life as a gamified self-development program in an agile Kanban board.

4. I have the ability to get full work done in 3 human languagesand manage basic conversations in 5 others.

5. I’m a fervent supporter of servant and nurturing leadership. Enabling the full potential of my teams and giving them the tools and knowledge to work correctly and grow up as professionals has been my major concern as a manager.

My potential is the result of the hybridization of these five elements. Creative technologist, learning appetite, international and modern management.

I reached 10 years’ experience in managing consulting and product management’ teams, and direction positions in Digital and IT departments in the finance industry, including 2 years in full remote. I led the conception, building and deployment of 50+ products ranging from client portals and robo-advisor services to chatbots and open banking initiatives. I’m also proud of my serial intrapreneur spirit. For instance, launching among others a corporate group API portal and setting up a complete Digital Product ecosystem.


BNP Paribas Asset Management - BNP

Head Of Digital IT - IT Director

Paris, France

September 2021 - Today (1 year)

The Head of Digital IT, within IT Exco, aligns the technical objectives of the entire company, from core business to IT, digital and cross-functional functions, and enables the company on recent and future technological trends. The position includes strategic, communication, facilitation and creative technologist responsibilities.
• Contributed to the Digital, Business and IT strategies and materialized their technical and operational implementation by developing over 10+ specific operating models, cross company initiatives and projects, including such as [email protected], SaaS management, IT Innovation and Sustainable IT and led the positive implementation of tech regulations.
• Pioneered a radical improvement of business and IT operational efficiency by leading the [email protected] initiative, introducing low code/no code technologies and citizen developer practices and by sponsoring the Digital Working program; generated 15+ successful POC for internal process and workflows.
• Doubled developers' delivery and increased their satisfaction by sponsoring and implementing a Developer Experience initiative (review of CICD, new workstations, enhanced onboarding, training, inner-sourcing, expertise communities …).
• Solved dozens of non-standard business challenges with technical innovative solutions.
• Improved tech awareness and knowledge of exco members, management and employees; by ensuring a continuous tech watch, personal coaching, conducting masterclasses and workshops and communications of tech and digital topics.

BNP Paribas Asset Management - BNP

Head of Product

Paris, France

October 2018 - September 2021 (2 years and 11 months)

• Created the digital SaaS product ecosystem vision that fueled all external distribution systems, including 60 corporate, country and product websites, 15k users' advisor portal, 10k users learning mobile application, a multipurpose chatbot, a central administration platform, +30 API including a robo-advisory service and +150 components in multiple internal and external applications.
• Defined and prioritized the product ecosystem backlog, in cooperation with the Chief Digital Officer and sponsors decision committees, to ensure strong alignment with business objectives.
• As authority for development efficiency, implemented an "all-admin", full componentization, 'micro services and atomic design' and API first' policies that reduced 80% of maintenance costs and improved reusability of technical components for new applications, therefore cost and time to market.
• Achieved correct coordination of the product team with various other departments to improve product invention, ensure architecture, security, legal and compliance standards, growth, distribution and business results.
• Directly responsible for 10 digital product owners and their proxies, and for scaling Agile Scrum methodology within the Digital team (40 employees) and for the product squads' delivery (25 resources including developers, data scientists, UX designers, Business Analysts, Product Owners and Scrum masters), it also involved recruitment.

BNP Paribas Asset Management - BNP

Digital Program Manager

Paris, France

January 2017 - September 2018 (1 year and 8 months)

Identified the opportunities and challenges in asset management business where digital can provide a solution and implement them, in particular led and oversaw the 12 products of the online distribution program: Online distribution program:
• Participated to the strategic and technical implementation of online distribution, including the creation of one robo-advisory service and its SaaS SLA.
• Supervised the new version development and maintenance of a set of customized sales support platforms for 15k fund advisors with content, portfolio simulators, educational tools and portfolio games.
• Delivered, as Product Owner, the first version of exportable portfolio tools for distributors that permitted B2B2C actions.
• Supervised the 12 products' business as usual digital activities, including platforms administration and client service activities.
• Ensured the performance, homogeneity, transversality and reuse of digital product features bringing cost reductions and decreased time to market, as well as infrastructure, architecture and security standards. Other products:
• Launched three projects around API: API management, API portal (at group level) and API standardization.
• Designed and led the creation of an internal 'translation management' tool providing over 40 language translations to all digital ecosystem products.
• Initiated a revamping of the digital suite administration system that unified, simplified and guaranteed future scalability. Team delivery:
• Promoted digital awareness and team delivery and expertise around the company and the group, with over hundred products and thought leadership presentations and projects pitch books.
• Facilitated onboarding and coaching of +50 new resources arriving to the team.

BNP Paribas Asset Management - BNP

Digital Project Manager

Paris, France

January 2015 - December 2016 (1 year and 11 months)

Delivered 7 products as Project manager / Agile SCRUM Product Owner, particularly:
• Produced a set of web components providing investment funds exploration and past, future and virtual portfolio simulators and comparators; implemented in multiple websites, they provide local compliance for 36 countries in 40 languages.
• Crafted two learning mobile app for iOS/Android with 10k users: Investo and InFondo
• Piloted a squad of 4 developers and 2 UX designers to propose a customized sales support platform for 16 distributors with content, portfolio simulators, educational tools and portfolio games.
• Participated to the creation and growth of the successful corporate blog Investors Corner and its mobile app, including governance and technical support, and piloted the 100+ contributors' community to reach traffic objectives. In parallel, I was in charge of company digital marketing initiatives, particularly social media and traffic management:
• Bootstrapped the Web monitoring and Social Media engagement strategy leading the company to reach influence in its niche market with over 100k new followers on LinkedIn and 10k on Twitter, and awarded as a top month Community manager.
• Accomplished global governance of the offer by piloting five local community managers, organizing the relationship with providers and tools' editors, setting up tools and methodology trainings to new resources and community members, drafting operating model guidelines and documentation, following KPIs and budget and automating reporting.
• Successfully monitored the brand and products reputation, competitors and market watch, including participated to 4 crisis management situations.
• Coordinated the social media and affiliation activities of a 2M€ communication and marketing campaign, as well as other events and external communications.
• Drafted SEA and SEO action plans, followed KPIs and budget and managed the relationship with SEA agencies and tools' editors.

CGI Business Consulting

Digital Strategy Consultant

Paris, France

May 2012 - December 2014 (2 years and 7 months)

• Advised 8 clients as a Digital Strategy Consultant, particularly deployed cross-company Web monitoring and social media setups in 14 countries for AXA
• Developed a Web monitoring offer that led to 7 new missions provided clients with:
- Online reputation and presence process management including online fingerprint and reputation analysis reports, best practices, software solution benchmark, selection/recommendation and management and users training.
- Online presence audits, animation of POC, development of functional specifications and internal marketing documents, monitoring committees' organization and reporting automation.
- Social media and web monitoring tools gap analysis and migration scope: identification used functions and processes, gave solutions to cover functional gaps, documented the migration steps, forecast costs and planning.
- External Social Communities implementation and facilitation involving project feasibility analysis, content strategies definition, communication and organization, benchmark and support on the selection of the technical solution.
• Proposed a tool to automatize the process of answering Request for Proposals (RFP)

Illinois Institute of Technology

Research Project in Embedded Systems: Visual Targeting System (VTS)

Chicago Metropolitan Area, USA

February 2011 - August 2011 (6 months)

Managed a team, built the hardware and elaborated the report and presentation. Evaluated the market and expanded the potential utilizations of the system. The project goals were to build a complete system for short distance tracking, trajectory prediction, aiming and reaching with a short ballistic system. The solution has many applications other than the obvious military uses such as security, TV, bird's movement control in airports, enhanced toys... IIT | Illinois Institute of Technology | VTS