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Abdurrahman Halabi

Embedded Software Developer

Works remotely from London

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  • Experience 2-7 years
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London, England, United Kingdom
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Skills (12)



Embedded Software Engineer

İstanbul, Turkey

October 2021 - Today (11 months)

Antorin Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Embedded System Engineer

İstanbul, Turkey

March 2020 - September 2021 (1 year and 6 months)

• Implementing wireless and wired industrial networks on different products' firmware.
• Maintaining secure connection to cloud with HTTPS and WebSocket protocols.
• Developing embedded software architecture designs implemented with C language.
• Circuit boards prototyping and design.

English Time

English Second Language Instructor

İstanbul, Turkey

November 2019 - January 2020 (2 months)

•Teaching general English as a second language for non-English speakers
• Holding speaking session to focus on English daily use.


Embedded System Engineer

İstanbul, Turkey

March 2019 - December 2019 (9 months)

Mekadermis is a haptic company that is creating a new perspective of human computer-interaction with new technologies. My main roles were:
• Configuring and controlling haptic actuators.
• Developing a control algorithm of the haptic device over USB protocol.
• Creating and analyzing haptic content.

Istanbul Bilgi University

Research Assistant

İstanbul, Turkey

October 2017 - January 2019 (1 year and 3 months)

The lab mainly focuses on implementing control algorithms on various robotic platforms. Bilateral, Force, and Position control methods are applied. My work has been mainly focused on enhancing the positioning of a Mecanum wheeled mobile robot by applying traditional and a new control method that relies on sensor fusion.
• A paper of my work is being prepared to be published in a conference.


Field Research Assistant  - As a freelancer

İstanbul, Turkey

October 2018 - October 2018

The study is a home-based research concerned with Syrian population in Istanbul. Data was collected using measurement tools that assess the mental health of the interviewees.
• Receiving a training on the methodology of asking the survey questions considering the circumstances of the interviewees.
• Conducted 15 interviews. Supervised by Esra Isik, Center of Trauma and Disaster Mental Health Studies.


Engineering Intern

İstanbul, Turkey

February 2018 - February 2018

As an intern, I was responsible for designing and testing software to conduct experiments on products such as speakers and other products requiring specific types of signals. The software was:
• Easy to use by a friendly graphical user interface that enables testers other than engineers to use it.
• Programmed to generate different signals with the ability to save desired signals and apply operations on them.

Dialogue for Common Future Association

Translator  - As a freelancer

İstanbul, Turkey

March 2017 - January 2018 (10 months)

W.A.I.T Project: is a project that aims to foster and improve public understanding of refugees as well as create a connection between these people with the larger public by interviewing over 100 refugees in various parts of Turkey and uploading their stories to the project's website.
• Attending interviews as an assistant and sometimes as the interviewer.
• Transcribing and translating interviews.
• Reforming the transcripts into coherent stories.

Koç University

Research Intern

İstanbul, Turkey

July 2017 - August 2017 (1 month)

In our study of haptics where we are using Electrovibration effect to create a sensation of resistance when the skin of a finger touches the insulator layer of a screen by exciting the electrode layer under it with a periodic electrical signal V(t) and that creates an attractive force between the moving finger and the excited electrode layer. The objective of the study is to activate our sense of touching screens to improve the quality of interaction. Detecting the position of the finger's skin that touches the screen is highly important. My main tasks: Developing an algorithm that uses image processing to detect fingers postions on the screen without using an IR frame. OpenCV library was integrated with C++ language and used to serve our purpose. I was also responsible of learning the set up of the project and using Smulink to generate sound signals to actuate the screen.

Association of Foreign Students in Istanbul


İstanbul, Turkey

July 2014 - January 2015 (6 months)

- Giving advice for international student willing to study in turkey.
- Designing promotional posters.